The Conflict of South Sudan

By Cleora Broens

South Sudan

South Sudan, an independent country since 2011, has once again become a country of conflict. The conflict began when an argument took place between the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit and, now former, Vice President Riek Machar.

On the 15th December 2013, a meeting of the National Liberation Council took place in Nyakuron. Riek Machar attempted to veto the meeting and accused President Salva Kiir of implementing non democratic policies. President Salva Kiir accused Riek Machar of plotting a coup. Riek Machar denied this. President Salva Kiir ordered the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Movement’s (SPLM) Major General, Marial Ciennoung, to disarm the troops. After disarming the SPLM soldiers of Dinka and Nuer ethnicities, Marial commanded the Dinka members to rearm themselves. This made the Nuer ethnicity, question this command, which resulted in them rearming themselves. Dinka soldiers of the SPLM attacked and targeted civilians of Nuer ethnicity, in the capital city of Juba.

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