Global Minorities Alliance calls for inclusion and Roma rights

Press Release

GMA delegates with Anne McTaggart, Member of Scottish Parliament

GMA delegates with Anne McTaggart, Member of Scottish Parliament

Global Minorities Alliance is highlighting the plight of the most persecuted minority in Europe, and urges the Scottish Government to introduce national laws to aim for the inclusion and protection of Roma communities in Scotland.

The Alliance also calls for a commission to be set up to counter anti-gypsyism to address the current negative stereotyping of Roma in Scotland.

To commemorate 8th April, which is International Roma Day, the Alliance has also published a report which examines four core issues faced by Romacommunities across Europe, i.e political discrimination, lack of political representation, statelessness and urban marginalisation.

The report highlights the decades-long marginalisation of one of the most vulnerable ethnic groups in the continent; a group which continues to face obstacles on their way to having their full human rights, as well as socio-economic entitlements, recognised.

Since their migration to Europe in the 12th century, Roma people have faced enslavement, abuse and discrimination. The persecution reached a climax during World War II ,where Roma people were systematically slaughtered by the Nazis. The Alliance report recommends that European states should establish Truth and Reconciliation Commissions to fully recognise the mass atrocities faced by Roma during War World II. The recognition of this ‘forgotten genocide’ might be a way to restore trust between Roma people and European society. Continue reading