Just One Day

By Vickie Janson

Friday 30 May 2014 was just one day. For many it may have been a day full of hope, a day of joy and a day of unexpected surprises. But for far too many this was just another devastating day.

On this day, I heard the story of a courageous Palestinian woman sharing about life in Palestine. A normal day for woman venturing out here includes being ‘touched’ by strangers just for being on public transport. This Palestinian woman said that last year there was a 300% increase in ‘honour killings’ in Palestine. She said this is a place where women have no real value or rights. And to speak as she has publicly about the plight of her people has brought death threats and forced her to seek refuge in the UK. But sadly, she now has death threats there too. That’s the down side of multiculturalism.

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Pakistan minority Member of Provincial Assembly Shot dead


Global Minorities Alliance condemns the recent attack on minority Member of Balochistan Provincial Assembly Hendry Masih. Mr Masih was the member of National Party (NP) who was elected on the reserved seat for minorities from NM-65 constituency.

Hendry Masih was accompanied by his nephew when he was riddled with bullets by his own bodyguard in front of his residence while his nephew was left injured.

Mr Masih was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

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GMA commemorates Operation Blue Star Massacre of 1984


A human rights organisation is urging people to stand in solidarity with Sikh communities around the world to mark the 30th anniversary of the infamous Operation Blue Star, a massacre of thousands of Sikhs at their holiest shrine, the Golden temple, by the Indian army.

The massacre took place in Amritsar on a holy day, when the temple was packed with worshippers. Helicopters, tanks and heavy weaponry was utilised in the attack which traumatised the Sikh community worldwide.

Global Minorities Alliance, a group fighting for the rights of minority groups worldwide, along with the global Sikh community, will be commemorating the massacre throughout the week, with a minute’s silence taking place on 6 June at 11am to remember those who suffered 30 years ago, and those Sikhs who continue to suffer from discrimination in India.

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