Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Expresses Concerns About Extremism


Following the funeral on Saturday of murdered shopkeeper Mr Asad Shah of Glasgow, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK has called for urgent action by the Government to tackle the undercurrents of radicalisation in the UK.

Mr Shah, a member of the peace-loving Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was killed on 24 March, described by police to be a religiously motivated murder by a Muslim. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK has been shocked by this brutal attack and has expressed its concern that this reflects the impact of growing intolerance and anti-Ahmadi hate in the UK. It notes that whilst this is being promoted by a tiny minority it is having a negative and divisive impact and the murder of Mr Asad Shah is a wakeup call for the Government and authorities to take urgent and decisive action.

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GMA’s Aberdeen Student Society celebrates ‘Ceilidh for Kenya’

Aberdeen, UK:  The student society of Global Minorities Alliance at University of Aberdeen organised a fundraiser event ‘Ceilidh for Kenya’ to help support GMA’s education campaign #Books4Future 

The event was organised by the GMA’s student society  for the students of Aberdeen which supported the event through their attendance and contributions.

The event was also graced by the live music played by a local Ceilidh band, Iron Broo who entertained the students with variety of Scottish music genres.

The event was organised with the help of Christian Union who provided for the venue and Pastor Hector Mackenzie who also supported the event with the generous donation towards the event.The event was also supported by the Local Spar Store near Aberdeen University as well as Aberdeen University Wine Society.

The society raised whopping £342 which will support the school library.

Manassi Bernard, the GMA’s  Chief Executive appreciated the kind gesture of students of Aberdeen University and applauded their efforts for this good cause.

Shahid Khan, the President of the GMA’s Student Society said, ‘I would like to thank everyone on behalf of our society who supported our event in any shape and form and we hope our efforts will bring some hope in lives of these children in Kenya’.

For more pictures and live music videos please visit the GMA’s Aberdeen Student Society Facebook Page 

International Women’s Day 2016

In the 21st century, women still continue to be subject to degrading treatment, denial for justice, rule of law and exploitation at the hands of societies which continue to haunt women in different shapes and forms around the world.

Among these millions of  women who struggle for hope, justice, equal and a better world is Pakistan’s Aasia Bibi, a Christian mother of five on death row over blasphemy. Her indomitable struggle, courage and hope for a life to see her family as a free woman keeps her alive in Punjab’s solitary confinement amid threats even from within prison.

Global Minorities Alliance would like to remember all these strong, brave and hopeful women around the world who continue to struggle for their fundamental equal rights regardless of the challenges they might have to face. We salute all these women for their unkillable spirit for equal rights.

Let us not celebrate today’s International Day as a yearly ritual but let us become a bridge against societal attitudes, injustices and inequalities women continue to face, to make this world more better, fair and equal for generations to come. Global Minorities Alliance continues to fight against unjust and unequal attitudes prevalent in our societies.

On behalf of our team and volunteers we wish you a very happy International Women’s Day 2016.