The ugly face of European elitism

refugee boat

By Monique Bouffé

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A couple of weeks ago, yet another boat filled with refugees trying to reach Europe capsized, confirming the deaths of almost 700 people. It is unlikely that we will ever find out their names or whether they left families behind in their attempt to live free or war and persecution; families who will never know if their sisters, husbands, wives or children ever made it to the safe haven of the European Union.

To call the response inadequate would be a gross understatement. Various statements were made; the EU called for ‘urgent action’, politicians tweeted their sympathies (although one wonders whether they were more concerned with the burden of refugees who survived than those who did not) and the European Council came up with a ‘ten point plan’ after a thoroughly disappointing emergency summit.

A tangible and humane response failed to appear. Compare this to the downing of the MH17 flight or the Charlie Hebdo attacks, where countries went into national mourning and where we learned the personal information and stories of the victims to sympathise with the families and comprehend the severity of their loss. Triton (the Mediterranean border control/rescue operation) has not been significantly enlarged, campaign slogans advocating stricter immigration controls have not been removed and we certainly do not see thousands of people crowding the streets shouting “Je suis un réfugié.”

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Glasgow bar Bloc+ raises funds for Global Minorities Alliance

Picture - Je Suic Bloc (2)By GMA

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A Glasgow based restaurant, bar and music venue has raised £315 to help persecuted communities across the world.

Global Minorities Alliance received a cheque from Bloc+ after they learnt that the venue was fundraising for GMA causes by auctioning ‘Je suis Bloc+’ t-shirts.

Global Minorities Alliance Ambassador for Music and Culture, Shazar Khan, received the cheque along with Rebecca Gebauer, GMA’s Director of Diplomatic Affairs. They thanked Bloc+ for this generous donation and for their support for the Alliance.

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Lahore Church blasts: the beleaguered Christian citizens of Pakistan


By Shahid Khan

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A few years ago I visited Youhanabad, one of the largest Christian neighbourhood in Punjab, Pakistan. I remember the endless houses and an acute sense of love and unity in the air. Today this sense of a peaceful community has gone and instead blood, violence and destruction show their grim presence after 15 innocent people, including seven Muslims, died last week in the wake of suicide Church bomb attacks on 15 March 2015.

The unfortunate history of minorities in Pakistan is littered with violence and institutional discrimination at all levels. Minorities are ‘othered’ by the land they belong to. Their patriotism is questioned and their loyalty to the country is often mingled with doubt and suspicion. Are Christians alienated in their own country?

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