Human rights: the top ten blog posts so far



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As it’s the start of 2015 and we recently published our 50th blog post, GMA is today taking a look back at our top ten most popular blog posts so far:

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The Alevi in Turkey: a religious minority


By Beatrice Maria Zanella

The Alevi have been discriminated for centuries; not only in Turkey, but in many Islamic countries. Information about them and their traditions was so inadequate and unreliable that they are considered heretics by other Muslims. For this reason, Alevi practice taqiyya, the dissimulation of their faith and customs. Even today it is unclear how many Alevi there are in Turkey, with different sources claiming they make up 3% to 30% of the population.

Freedom of religion is a fundamental human right, and as such should be implemented and respected by every country. However, the Alevi still do not enjoy this right in Turkey. In fact, they are not officially recognised and, hence, are instead protected as a minority.

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