Romania: Conference on Roma Rights

 SO KERES, EUROPA? – What’s up Europe?

“In Europe, a lot of young Roma need to fight against stereotypes and discrimination every day. It is time for us to claim our space and build a movement of Roma in Europe!”, says Alexandra Bahor, a young Romni from Romania. 


Around 300 young Roma and Non-Roma youth activists and youth leaders from more than 15 European countries are expected to brought together for a multifaceted program, including workshops, interactions with the local communities and a public event in Cluj-Napoca. The city was selected to hold the title of the European Youth Capital 2015 – A considerable occasion to raise the voice of Roma youth on a European level!

Cluj-Napoca stands in the centre of our event for a very specific reason: On 17 December 2010, 76 families were forcibly evicted without adequate notice by local authorities from Coastei Street in the centre of the city of Cluj-Napoca. No consultation with the affected families took place prior to the eviction and no feasible alternatives to the eviction were explored. Forty of these families were relocated to inadequate housing conditions on the outskirts of the city (in Pata Rat), close to the city’s garbage dump and a former chemical waste dump, while the remaining families were left without alternative housing. We want to share the interests of the communities and show solidarity!

The idea is to offer a platform to young people to express themselves, their knowledge and ideas. Not only topics such as the Holocaust and especially Transnistria will stand in the centre of attention but also questions around Europe, identity and discrimination. The arts will not lose out either: Singing and dance workshops as well as street music and graffiti are part of the activities. The knowledge and discussions will find their expression through 48-hour-actions and the initiative and the engagement of the Changemakers. In Cluj, the participants create their own projects and will find the space to raise awareness for curical issues and a topics. During the event-week fun and relaxation will not come too short: Open discussions, jam sessions and

The initiators of the event are Phiren Amenca, a Roma organisation based in Budapest and the Platform of Former Volunteers. The latter is a new project by Phiren Amenca for former and current volunteers of the organisation who want to actively engage and exchange experience and knowledge after or during a voluntary service. The Platform is an open space for the development of projects and exchange that are initiated by its members.

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What is the Armenian Genocide?

By AlternateHistoryHub

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24 April 2015 marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide, where up to 1.5 million Armenians were systematically killed by the Ottoman government in an attempt to exterminate the minority community. This video explains what happened, but also explains the controversy surrounding these events which still rages today.

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‘I remember Auschwitz every waking moment of my life.’


By The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

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Tuesday 27 January was Holocaust Memorial Day. This year’s theme was ‘keep the memory alive’. Originally published on The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust website, this is the story of Ceija Stojka, a Romany Gypsy who was persecuted by the Nazis. She was deported with 200 members of her extended family to Auschwitz where most of them were murdered upon arrival. In later life Ceija Stojka spent her time promoting the rights of Roma people, highlighting through her experiences what can happen when prejudice and hatred are allowed to take hold.

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