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‘The Gift of Education’ – Global Minorities Alliance Winter Appeal 2021/2022

In 2021, Global Minorities Alliance was approached by a local primary headteacher from the city of Sahiwal, in Pakistan with a request to support the needy school children who were struggling to pay for their school fees.

The parents of these children come from poor daily labourers whose livelihood was hit by the global pandemic. Some of parents come from brick kiln background where children were born into debt by their parents. 

Education for most of the children become a distant dream! 

With this request to support these children, Global Minorities Alliance, set up Ida and Franz Welmann Education Fund which aims to provide scholarship to school children in Pakistan and Kenya. With financial support from GMA supporters, the charity was able to support most needy children from the school. This year, GMA has paid the full academic year of these children which were identified by their teachers. 

“I do not have parents. I live with my grandparents who do not have enough money to support my studies. I want to study to support my grandparents and have a successful life” – Minha, One of the recipients of Ida and Franz Welmann Fund

GMA has bought this gift of education for these children who are keen to excel in their studies, despite having financial struggles in life, these children continue to study to change their circumstances. The fund will be extended to slum children in Kibera Kenya next year which has on-going partnership with GMA. 

GMA is thankful for any support and contributions to help make a difference in lives of these Children through your gift. 

Be part of someone’s dream!  For every £60 raised, another child’s education is secured for a year. 

Find out more about The Gift of Education campaign here: https://www.globalminorities.co.uk/education-fund

Global Minorities Alliance Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/No2Persecution

Gender Development Project in Pakistan. Message of Support from our Patron – Alan McIntyre

Global Minorities Alliance’s patron, Alan McIntyre has shared a message of support to our gender development project in Pakistan.

The on-going sewing project in Pakistan has already reached out local village community. The first cohort of village women and girls have successfully completed the first sewing session.

Have a look at the video and please share and support our message if you can. Thank you

Global Minorities Alliance (GMA) gender development project provides hope to the village women in Pakistan during Covid-19.

Glasgow, UK: The Glasgow based human rights organisation Global Minorities Alliance (GMA) has completed its first phase of a gender development project which was launched earlier this year. 

In January, 2020, GMA opened the Chiragh Din Welfare centre in MariahKhel, Punjab, Pakistan which aimed at equipping local village women with sewing skills and provide them an opportunity to earn and support their families financially. 

GMA launched its first three months sewing course in August, 2020  which was supported by GMA funds. GMA provided sewing machines and material for women to help them support during this challenging time. 

On 10 December, 2020, a certificate ceremony was held in the village where certificates were distributed to the women who completed their sewing course. 

GMA’s Pakistan co-ordinator, Farida Jerome said that we are thankful to GMA for providing local women an opportunity to learn new skills and help them support their families. 

One participant of the programme said, ‘We are thankful to GMA who has provided us a skill development opportunity so we can support our families especially during this pandemic’. 

GMA’s Project Coordinator, Shahzad Khan who oversaw the delivery of the program said, ‘The Cover-19 pandemic has hit women disproportionately all around the world. In developing countries like Pakistan, this is especially true as there are no formal or state level support structures.’

Mr Khan said, ‘We are thankful to our donors who enabled us to reach out to women in MariahKhel and to offer them an opportunity to learn new skills to support their families and community which has been suffering severely from the impact of Covid-19. GMA will shortly launch a new fundraising campaign for the 2021 cohort of the project.’

You can learn more about the project and how to donate via the GMA website here: https://www.globalminorities.co.uk/women-welfare-centre-2

The first cohort of women who took part in the GMA gender development program