April 2015

What is the Armenian Genocide? – By AlternateHistoryHub

Global Minorities Alliance calls for inclusion and Roma rights – By GMA

Glasgow bar Bloc+ raises funds for Global Minorities Alliance – By GMA

Placing a leash on a dragon? Defiance of the United States by the ECHR – By Monique Bouffé

March 2015

The Story of Boko Haram – By Cleora Broens

Lahore Church blasts: the beleaguered Christian citizens of Pakistan – By Shahid Khan

Global Minorities Alliance condemns twin attacks on Pakistan Churches – By GMA

We Are All One: solidarity across movements, from Selma to Karachi – By Lynne Marie Meyer

The violence of disbelief – By GMA

World Press Photo 2014: love as a global equality issue – By World Press Photo

February 2015

Educational inequality: a problem for Pakistan – by Cleora Broens

The rise of anti-Semitism in the UK – by Jack Telford

Girls are made perfect – Say No! to FGM – by Rebecca Gebauer

‘I remember Auschwitz every waking moment of my life.’ – by Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

January 2015

Global Minorities Alliance candlelit vigil – in pictures – by GMA

Human rights: the top ten blog posts so far – by GMA

Paris attacks should not eclipse the horrors of Boko Haram in Nigeria – by GMA

The attempted murder of freedom – and the resilience of fearless France – by Shahid Khan

GMA applauds the French unity in the face of terror – by GMA

The foolish fear of Islamization? – Germany and the PEGIDA movement – by Rebecca Gebauer

December 2014

A flickering flame – by Joy Allan

2015: a new hope for peace – by GMA

No laughing matter: Souad Al-Shammary and the Saudi clergy – by Elham Manea

Global Minorities Alliance condemns Pakistan School Massacre – by GMA

Global discrimination of transgender people: injustice at every turn – by Jack Telford

The Birmingham Declaration: we have to protect those fleeing persecution – by Sanctuary Summit 2014

November 2014

What Obama should tell Myanmar’s President – by Maung Zarni

Child marriage: how a fake blog shocked the world – by Jack Telford

The Alevi in Turkey: a religiou minority – by Beatrice Maria Zanella

Baha’i Youth Conference Scotland 2014 – interviews

Brutal murder of Christian couple shows how dangerous Pakistan is for minorities – by GMA

Reporters Without Borders award Raif Badawi the Netizen Prize for 2014 – by Dr. Elham Manea

Baha’i Youth Conference Scotland 2014 ‘to inspire a generation for a better world’ – by GMA

October 2014

Decades long persecution of Kurds – An Overview – by Aso Fatoohi

Global Threats to Freedom of Religion or Belief: Panel and Luncheon Featuring Special Rapporteurs Heiner Bielefeldt and Rita Izsák – by NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief

Global Minorities Alliance calls for equality for LGBTI Community worldwide – by GMA

The life of a Christian in Pakistan – by Lubna Thomas Benjamin

The Conflict of South Sudan – by Cleora Broens

September 2014

Climate change and human rights – by Klaus Reiche

Peace in Our Time – by Shahid Khan

Light a #Candle4Peace on 21 September – by GMA

The siege of Gaza – by Zainah El-Haroun

August 2014

Aggression against women: a disturbing circumstance in Bangladesh – by P.M. Serajul Islam

Yezidi Task Force reports dramatic situation in refugee camps – by GMA

Anti-Semitism cannot be who we are – by Elise Alexander

GMA demands humanitarian protection for Sikh group found in Container at Port of Tilbury – by GMA

Time to face the ISIS inside of us – by PD Dr. Elham Manea

Pakistan Independence: Prisoners of Persecution – by United States Commission on International Religious Freedom

Uganda’s Bakonzo: From the Unknown to the Known – by Tom Stacey

 Global Minorities Alliance laments news of Sikh man shot dead in Pakistan – by GMA

Even minorities have minorities – by Rev Dr David Sinclair

July 2014

Beleaguered Assyrian Christians demand action amidst persecution – by Mardean Isaac

Commonwealth states should uphold charter values, says Global Minorities Alliance

All Welcome? Human rights and Commonwealth countries – by GMA

Commonwealth Games of homophobia? – by Peter Tatchell

The Uighurs – a Chinese ‘problem’? – by Beatrice Maria Zanella

June 2014

Minorities under Modi – by Yasmeen Aftab Ali

To build lasting peace, inter-religious dialogue is essential – by Dr. Debbie Weissman

Just one day – by Vickie Janson

Pakistan minority Member of Provincial Assembly shot dead – by GMA

GMA commemorates Operation Blue Star Massacre of 1984 – by GMA

May 2014

Aasia Bibi: A life hanging in the balance – by Shahid Khan

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development – by GMA

Christian and minority rights must be top of the Muslim world’s agenda – by Usman Khan

Female Genital Mutilation: do not close your eyes – by Beatrice Maria Zanella

Human rights and moral wrongs – by Dr. Henry B. Tam

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