We’ve got mail – letters from Kenya

GMA’s #Books4Future is picking up after the incredible efforts of GMA’s student society in Aberdeen and a generous special collection in Wellington Church in Glasgow gave the campaign a boost. Together with gratefully received individual donations and kind assistance of SPAR in Aberdeen, the fundraising currently stands at £970.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed so far!

However – £970 are a great start but we are working hard to achieve our target of £5000.

This week we received some wonderfully encouraging letters from pupils of Star of the Land Education Centre. We will share them one by one in this blog.

The letters are full of hope and ambition and are an impressive illustration of why #Books4Future is a cause worthwhile to report.

Read Aisha’s letter below and donats today via www.bit.do.books4future :


Aisha writes:

My name is Aisha Juma. I am eight years old. I am in standard two at Star of the Land Education Centre. I like mathematics and english very much. 

I live with my Parents being the first born. I love my school very much because the environment is very nice My school has six teachers. I love my class teacher very much because she assists me in all the time when am doing my class work. 

I love my school very much but it has no library to keep books. I even borrow books from other children because I do not have them. A library would make me very happy.

(the last line has been added as it is on the backside of the letter)


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