#Books4Future – Help building a library in Kenya!


On 15 January, we have launched our first campaign for the year 2016. Educating being one of our main objective. We continue to reach out with most deprived communities with the light of knowledge and learning. As most of our readers and supporters know about our previous work in the Star of the Land Education Centre (formerly Mchanganyiko CBO School) is located in the Kibera slums of Nairobi #Kenya.

We have been requested to help children in #Kibera Slums by building a primary school library. We would like to encourage our readers to share and support our education campaign fundraiser page (below)  and help us reach our goal to provide children with library facility in the school. 

‘Education is vital to a thriving society, a key to a bright future. A society without education will become the breeding ground for violence and intolerance. But an educated society will promote tolerance and peace, justice and understanding, innovation and advancement, and positive, self-sustaining growth. It’s important to educate our children, no matter where they live, for they will grow to become responsible citizens of their society,’ says our Kenya Ambassador, Anne Misiko.

We will also be sharing live stories from Kibera Slums on our blog until we reach our goal to infhow our library project can help children reach their dreams. Your support is much appreciated.

For more information please visit our fundraiser page here:


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