Annual Youth Conference on Roma Rights

So keres, Europa?! (So what, Europe?!)

Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Conference Day #2 


Day two of „So keres, Europa?!“ started off with workshops. The delegates could choose from twelve different activities which all would lead to the 48-hour-actions which are at the heart of the Youth Conference in Cluj-Napoca.

The delegates are ready too be Changemakers

The delegates are ready to be Changemakers

A 48-hour-action describes a specific task that teams will have to fulfil within 48 hours. Time management, activities, materials and final presentation will be directed by the different teams and lie within their own responsibility.

Whatever the young delegates at “So keres, Europa?!” discuss, create and evaluate throughout the event-week shall find its expression and realization in one of the 48-hour-actions. The participants are challenged to mobilise their creativity and engagement – they are called to be Changemakers. A topic connected to the diverse 48-hour-actions is being prepared in several workshops throughout the week.

The twelve activities are:

No.1: Learning History, Understanding Today: The Roma Holocaust

No.2: Rhythm through Difference!

No.3: Go Free 48 H

No.4: Invisible Theatre – How would you react?

No.5: Roma Superheroes and Romani Resistance

No.6: Gilave, Europa!

No.7: Create their lesson! Will they learn it?

No. 8: Pata Rât – Forced Evictions, Segregated Lives and Romani Resistance

No. 9: Cultural Traditions – Romani Handicraft

No. 10: Stories of Rights and Dignity

No. 11: Together we are more!

No. 12: U’re up – ExSPRAY’s yourself!

(detailed descriptions of each activity can be found here:

After a morning full of preparations and exciting discussions the afternoon programme contained a tour through the Youth Capital 2015, Cluj-Napoca. While Cluj-Napoca is a touristic place with lots of beautiful sights and scenery the aim was to show the city from a Roma point of view. The participants had the opportunity to meet up with local people, to spend time with Romani families and learn about their traditions and problems and to visit interesting places which have a connection to the Roma heritage.

Parno Graszt played Roma music at the evening event

Parno Graszt played Roma music at the evening event

The long day full of excitement concluded with a Roma music event which included a concert of the band Parno Graszt who also take part in the “Gilave, Europa!” activity  and a performance of Rasid, one of the leaders of the “Rhythm through Difference” workshop.





Miss Sheeba KiranSheeba Kiran currently reports from Cluj-Napaco, Romania. She is the Law graduate from Strathclyde University, Glasgow. She is also Global Minorities Alliance’s Director of Women Empowerment. She can be reached on Twitter @sheebakiran7



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