GMA distributes funds to the persecuted families of Youhanabad Church blasts


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Following a successful fundraising campaign, Global Minorities Alliance (GMA) organised an event on 26 April in Youhanabad, Lahore, to support the victims of the Youhanabad Church blasts, which killed 17 and injured 70 on the 15 March 2015.

Since the attack the usually vibrant Christian neighbourhood of Lahore has become a community of silence and suffering, seeking refuge and reassurance from the government which is yet to materialise.

The event was organised by a GMA partner organisation in Youhanband, a local church led by Pastor Benyaamaeen which works to protect the human rights of the Christian community. The event was attended by the family members of the church blast victims and the wider Lahore Christian community, as GMA aid was distributed to the family members who lost their loved ones.

Global Minorities Alliance started a fundraising campaign in March to help assist the families of those who lost people in the attack. The online campaign aimed to highlight the persecution of minorities in Pakistan as well to raise funds for the family members going through this tragedy. GMA raised £1000 which meant that Pakistan rupees of 8000 was presented to the families as a donation.

GMA’s representative in Lahore, Pastor Benyameen, said:

“On behalf of the Youhanabad community we would like to express our thanks to Global Minorities Alliance, which has helped persecuted families in Pakistan who have suffered an irreplaceable loss due to these attacks. We would like to thank the Alliance for their work and generosity.”

One of the recipients of GMA aid gift – the wife of Tenvir Masih, who died in the Church blasts – said: ‘We would like to thank GMA, who has helped us financially as we grieve the loss of a loving husband since this aid will help me feed my children.”

The mother of the youngest victim of the blasts, Abeesheik Masih, said: “We are greatly consoled by GMA for this aid; it has remembered us in this difficult time, and I thank GMA for their help for persecuted people like me.”

Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK which generously helped GMA raise £250 also appreciated the work of Global Minorities Alliance. Fareed Ahmed, National Secretary External Affairs, Ahmadiyya Muslims UK further maintained:

“All people are equal and everyone must have equal rights including freedom of religion. We pray for peace in Pakistan and pray for all those affected by the horrific attack can now rebuild their lives.”

GMA’s Chief Executive, Manassi Bernard, said:

“We are indebted to all those who contributed around the world to make this fundraising campaign and donation event a success. We continue in our resolve to assist beleaguered minorities in Pakistan who suffer from terror attacks, and call for interfaith harmony and peace among people of different faiths.”

Christians make less than 2% of predominantly Muslim country, where minorities are often used as a soft target for terror attacks.

To donate to GMA, please go to 

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