Glasgow bar Bloc+ raises funds for Global Minorities Alliance

Picture - Je Suic Bloc (2)By GMA

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A Glasgow based restaurant, bar and music venue has raised £315 to help persecuted communities across the world.

Global Minorities Alliance received a cheque from Bloc+ after they learnt that the venue was fundraising for GMA causes by auctioning ‘Je suis Bloc+’ t-shirts.

Global Minorities Alliance Ambassador for Music and Culture, Shazar Khan, received the cheque along with Rebecca Gebauer, GMA’s Director of Diplomatic Affairs. They thanked Bloc+ for this generous donation and for their support for the Alliance.

Mr Khan said: “I would like to thank Bloc+ for this gift which will be put to good use in our upcoming projects in Glasgow and we look forward to working with Bloc+ in the future to promote awareness of human rights through music, art and culture.”

Venue Manager Chris Cusack said: “Global Minorities Alliance could barely be more essential in the modern world with the growing need for us to address the many serious problems of social division, disenfranchisement, poverty and subjugation that exist to alarming extents in many countries, often including our own. We are happy to join hands with to support GMA causes.

“The ability of Bloc+ to generate any support for this excellent charity is not only a pleasure but we feel – as human beings – a moral obligation. We will continue to work with GMA on any future projects that might assist its efforts and bring its tremendous work to the wider attention of the population. We wish them all the absolute best going forward and hope our paths will cross many times in the future.”

Global Minorities Alliance organises musical events to promote peace, tolerance and harmony among people of different backgrounds. The money raised helps the Alliance to lobby for change and organise community based projects.

Rebecca Gebauer, GMA’s Director of Diplomatic Affairs, said: “We look forward to work with Bloc+ in our future projects to make a small but significant difference in our great city of Glasgow.”

To donate to Global Minorities Alliance, please click here >>

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