Message from our Chief Executive

We are pleased to launch the GMA Human Rights Blog to provide an opportunity to a wide array of writers from around the world to lift the veil on the plight of persecuted minorities in our countries of concern and beyond.

This space will also create a resource for academics, journalists, politicians, policy makers and interest groups to engage with other experts and learn from each other through the articles, reports, news and clips which will feature from time to time on our blog.

We believe the plight of minorities around the world is often unreported, unheard of, or is missing from public awareness. Our aim is to give a voice to these voiceless communities, and to use this blog to create awareness about the ongoing persecution of minorities who have been betrayed by their own Governments, and are lost in hope and despair.

We endeavour to make this blog inclusive to all, and to highlight issues and concerns which are not being covered by the mainstream media.

We believe in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that:

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”

We continue to advocate for oppressed, marginalised and down-trodden communities around the world through our community projects to make a difference to communities marred by discrimination.

On behalf of my team I would like to thank all the writers who contribute to this blog and join us in our struggle for ​justice, peace and equality for all.

Thank you for visiting our page

Chief Executive

Global Minorities Alliance


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